Welcome to Gorilla BBQ



Monday : 12:00 pm until sold out

Tuesday: CLOSED

Wednesday: 12:00 pm until sold out

Thursday: 12:00 pm until sold out

Friday: 12:00 pm until sold out

Saturday: 12:00 pm until sold out

Sunday: 12:00 pm until sold out

Please be aware that we often sell out prior to our 8 pm closing time on Weekends and Holidays. If you are traveling a distance to see us please be sure to call ahead for availability.

We will be open all holidays excluding Thanksgiving day and the Christmas holiday.


Featured on Food Networks Diners, Drive-In, and Dives (DDD), Gorilla BBQ offers a unique experience using fresh ingredients and slow cooked meats that melt in your mouth!

We are most unlikely to accept phone orders on weekends and holidays to accommodate our in line customers. Thanks in advance for your understanding.


About The Gorilla

The nick-name Gorilla was given to Rich Bacchi by his dad. "I've always been a little bigger than normal!" Says Rich. His name, his personality, and his food are all large and in charge!


The Legacy

Rich Bacchi, a native Pacifica resident, comes from a long line of restaurateurs. His family owned and operated a restaurant just down the street from where Gorilla BBQ stands today. You could say he was raised to have his own spot and cook/BBQ some amazing food!

Gorilla Barbeque LLC was officially established by Rich in 2006a

Featured On...


Food Network

Gorilla BBQ appeared on Food Networks "Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives" in 2009 and again in 2020 on Food Networks "Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives: Takeout Special"



Rich was honored to have the opportunity to tour with The Messlords in 2011 and 2016